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Reward & Payment

How can I redeem my points?

You only receive a redeeming link once you reached at least 150 points (= 15,00 GBP), and you can redeem a payment in the section "my opinion people" --> "my account". Please note that you have to use the payment link to redeem your points!

Bank transfer - you need IBAN&BIC/SWIFT numbers from any bank statement in order to redeem, as we will make an international payment. Please note that the payment is NOT INSTANT and with this method we cannot guarantee the full £15, due to taxes and exchange rates

PayPal - You need a validated account with PayPal and it is your responsibility to make sure that you can receive money in that account. Please note that the payment is NOT INSTANT , all payments have to be processed

Amazon Voucher - this is the fastest option to redeem your points. Please allow 5-10 minutes for the email with the voucher to get to you. In the unlikely event that the email doesn't reach you, please contact support using the contact form or by replying to any survey invite you receive from us.

I have just completed a profile. Why haven't I received any points for it?

You automatically receive 8 points as soon as you have completed all six profiles (if you complete all profiles for the first time). It usually takes a few days for the credit to appear in your profile under "My account". If the points are not credited after few days please write to us: panelteam-uk@opinion-people.com

When do I receive a payout of the points I have collected?

Once you have collected at least 150 points you may choose a method of payment. You must order a payout to your correct bank account under "My account", by PayPal or choose one of our other options.


The sum of 15,00 GBP (= 150 points) will be transferred by the end of the month. It includes the points you have earned by the 15th of the month. You must select a method of payment within three months after you reached 150 points. Otherwise the account balance returns to zero. Please write to panelteam-uk@opinion-people.com when that happens


Why were my points deleted?

You must select a method of payment within three months after you reached 150 points. Otherwise the account balance returns to zero. If you cancel your membership, if your membership is set to "inactive" or if you manipulate the surveys, the points expire with immediate effect. Have a look at our Terms & Conditions and contact us on panelteam-uk@opinion-people.com if you have any questions.

Technical help

What should I do if a survey or anything else doesn't work?

Sometimes it happens that a survey link doesn't work or certain content isn't shown up correctly. To avoid this, we advise you to regularly update your browser and the necessary add-ons. Here are some helpful links:

Update Browser

Update Flashplayer

Activate Javascript in Firefox

Activate Javascript in Internet Explorer

If you still have problems after updating, it may help if you delete your cookies:

Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer

Delete Cookies in Firefox

While completing a survey or a profile the screen freezes or the browser doesn't respond anymore.

Probably our server was temporarily overloaded. Please try it again. Try to reload the page (press F5). Try to go back (press Backspace).If that doesn't work, please restart your browser and try to load the page again.

I received the following message: "Java Script must be installed, in order to use this program"

Java is a programming language that allows programs to be written that can then be run on more than one type of operating system. A program written in Java can run on Windows, UNIX, Linux etc. as long as there is a Java runtime environment installed.Some of the programs on this website have been written in Java, so you will need to install the Java runtime environment in order to run them. What you have to do:

How to activate Javascript in Firefox
How to activate Javascript in Internet Explorer

I get following error message: "An internal application error has occured..." or "Internal Server Error 500".

Probably our server was temporarily overloaded. Please try it again. Try to reload the page (press F5). Try to go back (press Backspace). If that doesn't work, please restart your browser and try to load the page again.


Do I get the 12 points for updating my profile?

If you fill out all of your profiles for the first time you'll get 12 points. You don't get points for any further updating, unless there is a special campaign in place. Keeping your profiles up to date will ensure that you get surveys where you are most likely to qualify.

How can I cancel my membership?

Membership with opinion people is completely voluntary and non-binding. You can therefore cancel your membership at any time. When you are logged into the member area you can confirm the termination under the "My details" link. Please note: When you cancel your membership your data, including the bonus points you have earned so far will be deleted! Furthermore, it is then no longer possible to join our panel again.

How can I change my information?

Your address has changed, you are married and your name has changed or you just have a new email address? No problem, just login to your member area under "My opinion people" and go to "My Account". You can make the changes there.

I recieved a cheater warning. What does that mean?

When evaluating the above-mentioned survey we noticed that your data does not correspond to our quality guidelines. According to our terms and conditions we are obliged to check the survey data on response quality and reasonable response time to classify the participation as manipulation if appropriate. Respondents who give illogical responses and do not take enough time to answer surveys correctly will be warned at first by an email as a gesture of goodwill. Please note that we will consider an exclusion from opinion people in case of recurrence. In case of having multiple accounts all your accounts will be closed and you will be unable to sign up again.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request it to be re-sent automatically by e-mail by entering your account details (User name = e-mail address) in the appropriate form on our website. You can find this form here.
If you don't receive any emails please check your junk email folder.

Please note:
The transmitted link will not be completely taken over by some e-mail providers. You will be forwarded to the "change password" page but due to the broken link, your new password won't be stored in our database.
In this case, please copy the whole link and paste it without any spaces into the address bar of your browser. Please contact us through our contact form if you have any issues and we will help as soon as possible.

Who can become a member of opinion people?

Participation in opinion people is exclusive and by invitation only. For methodological research reasons, we can not allow self-registration of members. It is therefore crucial that email lists, newsletters and online advertising at reputable Web sites provide specific criteria, enabling us to select members we need. Please understand that we cannot accept each application of interested persons. Additional conditions for participating in opinion people are:
- you have to be at least 14 years old
- you need a residential address and a bank account in UK

What's the deal with the coupons I can get on the end page of the surveys?
The coupons are available in some polls at the end of a survey via a link to the side of our coupon partner. We don't constrain anyone to purchase any vouchers, it is just an offer. If you have any questions or problems with the individual vouchers, please contact the provider or online store where you want to redeem the selected voucher.


Do I get rewarded for a survey I didn't complete?

Participants who abort a survey do not receive a reward (bonus points or prize draws), as we cannot analyse incomplete questionnaires. The reward for completing a questionnaire can be found in the invitation mail for the survey and in your personal member area. Bonus points are only awarded for a completed questionnaire. For some studies a target group is specified in advance, but we cannot determine from your basic data whether you fit the target group. It is sometimes the case that you are not part of the target group for a survey, even though you received an e-mail invitation. We establish whether a participant fits the target group by asking filter questions during the questionnaire. If you do not qualify for the target group, the survey ends prematurely. A separate message informs you of this.

When will I receive an invitation to another survey?

The frequency at which you are invited to take part in surveys depends largely on our customers who set the target groups for the surveys. It is therefore sometimes the case that only young people, or dog-owners, or parents, etc. are surveyed for a certain period. It is therefore particularly important that our members fill in and regularly update their profiles so that we are able to carry out better preselection.

How, where and when are the surveys carried out?

Opinion people operates online: i.e. the surveys are all held exclusively over the internet on the opinion people website. As a member of this panel, you can take part in a survey anywhere you like as long as there is an internet link and you have logged in using your email and password. This is how it works: after we have invited you by e-mail to take part in a survey, just click at the survey link in the email, complete the questionnaire and send it off. Your account will be credited with the reward automatically after a few days.

What do I get for taking part in a survey?

In the invitation-mail to a new survey as well as in your personal member area, the reward for participation in a survey (bonus points or a raffle) will be announced. The bonus points you receive for your participation will be credited to your personal account automatically.

What does "The number of participants has been reached" mean?

In some surveys, we only need a certain number of participants. Once this limit is reached, the survey is closed and it is no longer possible to participate.

How often am I invited to take part in a survey?

The opinion of all our members is important to us. We therefore invite you to participate in surveys as often as possible, once a week at most. Of course we try to offer new studies on a regular basis but we cannot guarantee this. There are sometimes periods when fewer surveys take place

Why am I asked so often for my masterdata (age, gender, etc.)?

In the surveys themselves you will usually be asked again for your age, gender, place of residence, possibly your income, etc. On the one hand this aids identification, so that we know the person filling in the survey is the same person who registered with us. On the other hand, we may only use the data you have entered in your profile to select surveys and may not pass it on to our customers.

Why does the message "I am not part of the target group" appear during a survey?

In some studies the target group requested by our customers is so specific that we have to ask additional questions in order to find the exact people who meet all of the criteria. For example, a motorbike dealer conducting a study on motorbikes has no interest in people who do not have a motorbike license.

Security & Privacy

Does opinion people use cookies?

We may store cookies on your computer when you visit our website. This enables us to identify your computer when you visit us again. Most internet browsers are automatically set to accept these cookies. The information we gather with the aid of cookies are specific to your computer and may contain the internet protocol address (IP), the date and time of your visit to our website and information about which parts of the website you have visited. We collect this information to monitor the use and usability of our website and for statistical purposes. You can change your browser settings so that it informs you when you receive a cookie or refuses to accept cookies. However, you should bear in mind that this setting may prevent you from using the full functionality of our website.

Is my personal data secure with opinion people?

Your personal data is completely secure with us. Norstat UK Ltd. complies with the legal privacy provisions of the UK! Statements you make as part of a survey will not be traced back to you. Nor will your data be passed on to third parties, including the customer that commissioned the survey.

Will my data be used if I do not fit the target group?

Since only the data of the target group is of interest, they will not be used. Just as you only receive bonus points for completed questionnaires, we can only use completed questionnaires.