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Department stores ( John Lewis, House of Fraser, Liberty, etc.)
11% (397 votes)
DIY( B&Q, Homebase, etc.)
3% (124 votes)
Electrical/Computers (Currys, Maplin, etc.)
5% (173 votes)
General goods ( Amazon, etc)
35% (1276 votes)
Children stores ( Mothercare, etc.)
2% (67 votes)
Grocery Stores ( Sainsbury's, Tesco, etc)
24% (874 votes)
Travel&Leisure (Thompson, Virgin Airlines)
2% (80 votes)
Online Movies,Music&Games( ITunes, Google Play, etc.)
3% (96 votes)
Health&Beauty (Spafinder, Boots, etc.)
6% (218 votes)
Entertainment, Food&Drinks (Vue Cinema, Pizza Express, Pubs, etc.)
7% (266 votes)
None, I don't answer surveys for points.
3% (109 votes)
Total votes: 3680